We have a wide and exquisite range of 5 bed and 4 bath homes located in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, NV. Our much-appreciated properties have been well taken care of by their previous/current owners and are located in some of the most well-connected and posh areas of the city. This makes our 5 bed and 4 bath homes perfect for various groups of people like students, families, corporate buyers, relocators, and more. At Jennifer R Turner LLC, you can always count on receiving the best home buying experiences and services from our entire team of well-trained professionals and staff!

Our range of affordable and premium 5 bed and 4 bath homes range from 1900 to 4700 square feet and offer several unmatched amenities. Some of the amenities are hardfloor floors, built-in bars, fireplaces, porcelain finishings, freshly installed roofs, large patios, and a lot more. If you’re looking at 5 bed and 4 bath houses as options in Las Vegas, give us a call today and our team of professionals will get back to you with all the information you need!